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Upholstery & Leather Cleaning Services in Cardiff South Wales

Upholstery Cleaning

Executive Carpet Care covers Newport, Cardiff & surrounding areas and our team specialises in professional cleaning technicians such as upholstery and mattress cleaning suitable for almost any furniture style and fabric.

Our team is trained to use a variety of upholstery cleaning techniques and equipment, and provide a wide range of top-quality cleaning products to get the professional finish each time.

Upholstery, frequent professional care is needed to preserve the quality of the fabric, because the furniture is exposed to soil every day. Upholstery consists of various fibres, and the cleaning products used differ from the products used for carpet cleaning. We will fully inspect each fibre and utilise the best cleaning available solution and method to clean it. You can count on Executive Carpet Care to do a professional job every time.

Leather Cleaning

Until you have had your leather suite professionally cleaned, you don’t really know how good it can look and feel again!

The products that we use are not available to the public, but when you see the results you want care.

Below is just one example of what we can achieve!

Our Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Process
Step 1. Pre-inspection and Survey.
To begin with, I will carry out a test on the fabric so I know exactly which system is the most appropriate to use and also to check the fabric for any existing damage.
Step 2. Dry Soil Extraction.
I will then pre-vacuum all areas of the fabric with our HEPA rated commercial vacuum, coupled with a special hand tool.
By now I will be outside getting the solutions ready 
Step 3. Pre-spot/Stain Treatment.
Prior to the pre-spray, I will treat the areas of your sofa or upholstery that have marks or stains on.
These will be treated with our special non-detergent stain remover.
Step 4. Pre-spray.
With my intelligent, educated choice of cleaning solution will begin applying it to all the fabric, to loosen up all soils, grease and ground-in dirt.
Step 5. Gentle Buff.
I will then carefully work the pre-spray into all the fibres with a soft pile brush, making sure all the fabric is well conditioned.
Step 6. Steam Extraction Rinse.
I will then flush out the dirt, grease and any cleaning residue with my rinsing tool.
Watching the dirt being easily released from the fabric and seeing the beautiful original colour appear, is AMAZING!


We are happy to travel to the following areas:

Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff, Gwent, Newport, Montmouth, Chepstow, Abergavenny, South Wales

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