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Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in South Wales

Domestic Cleaning


This package is designed for those people who want professionally cleaned carpets but are running to a budget. However, don’t get the idea that this is just a cheap type of brush-off cleaning. No, we only have one standard of cleaning – thorough, professional and exhaustive.

If you want the best clean ever you MUST use a carpet cleaner who performs the following processes – or you’re simply wasting your money.

This is what you get:

High-Filtration Vacuum

First we vacuum with a High filtration cleaning system specifically designed for super-high performance professional cleaning.

Move Large Furnishings

We will move larger furnishings – such as chairs and tables – but for insurance reasons we ask you to move smaller valuable items such as ornaments before we arrive.

Pre-Spot Difficult Stains

We will pre-spot your carpet for all difficult stains. We will carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains which are of particular concern to you – or that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques

Heavy-Duty Pre-Spray

Next we will apply a heavy-duty pre-spray specially designed to electro-mechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants from your carpet fibres and suspend them floating in an aqueous solution ready to be quickly and safely extracted using our state-of-the-art extraction machines.

Rapid Dry System

We use special carpet drying equipment to help reduce the drying time. So you can use the carpets quicker.


Where, appropriate we will groom your carpet to leave it in the best possible condition. This usually means we run a grooming rake over the carpet to ensure the fibres are tangle-free and as ‘fluffy’ as possible.

Twin Vacuum Hot Water Extraction Machine

We only use the ALLTEC “Twin Vacuum” machines which are much more powerful than the machines you can hire from your local DIY stores. The problem with the smaller “hire machine” type is that although they can break up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollens in the carpet, they don’t have enough suction (or what we call “air-flow” ) to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your carpet, these machines kitted out cost us in excess of £10.000 each. We also use the ROTOVAC power wand which you can view on our web site:

Residue Rinse

We use the extraction machine to ensure a residue free rinse that ensures the integrity of your carpet and helps to retard resoiling

Protective Foil Tabs

Furniture is replaced back onto the carpet with protective foil tabs and Styrofoam blocks under the legs. Why? Well sometimes the moisture left in the carpet will leach out any colour-stain finish from the furniture leaving a (very difficult to remove) stain on the carpet.

Remember, Twin vacuum Carpet Cleaning = More Soil Removed. Carpets Healthier and Drier GUARANTEED.

Commercial Cleaning

It is important for companies to lead the way in promoting the health of staff, visitors and the environment by making better choices, like reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling.

Many carpet-cleaning companies are now leading the country in getting on board. Now we need to grasp further and significant opportunities to shift course again relating to how we clean and what we use to clean and this shift is particularly valuable to small owners and large business facilities managers.

The bar has been raised for carpet cleaners to meet this challenge. The result is cleaner indoor air, lower health risks for building occupants and staff, fewer liabilities, and far less environmental impact.

We at Executive Carpet Care are particularly important with businesses and premises that are expected to offer safe indoor environments, such as :

  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Care Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Health Centres
  • Alternative Centres
  • Offices
  • Doctors/Dentists Surgeries
  • And More

Let your staff and visitors and potential clients know that you care about them and the environment, contact Executive Carpet Care today and arrange a no obligation consultancy.


We are happy to travel to the following areas:

Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff, Gwent, Newport, Montmouth, Chepstow, Abergavenny, South Wales

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