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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff

Welcome to Executive Carpet Care, professional carpet and upholstery cleaners servicing Cardiff and the South Wales area.

We're one of Cardiff's leading specialist carpet cleaning companies with years of experience in all aspects of carpet, rug, and upholstery care for domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Cardiff area.

At Executive Carpet Care we know that your carpets can constitute one of the most expensive items to purchase for your home or business. That's why, when considering carpet cleaning services, you will want the best for them, and why we at Executive Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning Cardiff have worked tirelessly to build up our good name and faultless reputation for quality carpet cleaning in Cardiff and the greater South Wales area.

It's a growing reputation that sees more and more people trust our master carpet cleaners to clean their carpets and upholstery week after week.

Looking for Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff?

Carpets act as a filter in your home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil from the busy streets of Cardiff, often causing poor air quality and unsightly stains. Most household vacuums are designed for day to day carpet cleaning are not capable of cleaning the deep dust and dirt that can seep into the fine fibres of your carpet. Executive Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning Cardiff have the professional equipment, formulations, and know how to remove

Why use Us?

No matter what any other professional carpet cleaning company tells you, or whatever machine or solution they are using, no end result will be 100% satisfactory with just one clean, particularly if you have never used a carpet cleaning service before. Executive Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning Cardiff will always clean your carpets twice. No we won't charge you twice, and this isn't a 2-4-1 offer, this is what needs to be done to ensure perfect results and Executive Carpet Care master carpet cleaners always strive for perfect results. As for other carpet cleaners in Cardiff? Well, we let the reviews speak for themselves...

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff - Areas Covered

Our domestic carpet cleaning services cover the greater Cardiff area (that's somewhere between Caerphilly and Barry to the north and south, St Mellons and Cowbridge to the east and west), and our commercial carpet cleaning services cover the whole of South Wales All our carpet cleaning services follow the strictest health & safety guidelines which means we're able to carry out work both during working hours and throughout the night and early morning.

What to Expect when You Book Our Carpet Cleaning Service

If you're in the greater Cardiff area we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote based on your requirements, and the type/s of carpet to be cleaned. If you're happy with our assessment, we'll arrange a time that's suitable for you and the work will be carried out quickly and thoroughly.

Our Cleaning Process
Step 1: Pre-Inspection – We carry out a thorough pre-inspection of your carpets. This involves testing and checking the fibre type and construction of your carpets and identifying individual stains.
Step 2: Furniture Moving – Our pricing includes the careful moving of any items of furniture when necessary.
Step 3: Commercial Vacuum – We use a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner that removes any dry soiling.
Step 4: Pre-spray and Pre-spot – A pre-conditioning agent is applied to break down the general and traffic area soiling. Individual stains are treated with the appropriate solutions to give the best chance of removal.
Step 5: Agitation – After letting the pre-conditioning agent settle into the fibres – loosening the trapped soil – we get to work agitating the carpet with a special machine that prepares the carpet for extraction.
Step 6: Soil Extraction (HWE) and Rinse – Using steam at high temperature, our powerful machine will simultaneously extract soil particles and moisture, avoiding any potential for over wetting.
Step 7: Post-Spot – We inspect the carpet again and if any stubborn stains remain, they will receive extra treatment with specialist solutions to ensure the best chance of removal.
Step 8: Carpet Groom – The carpets are groomed with a professional groomer. This process lifts the carpet pile and aids fast drying. It also leaves your carpets looking fantastic!
Step 9: Turbo Dry – If deemed necessary, a turbo dryer will be used to remove any excess moisture from the carpet.
Step 10: Final Inspection – We will inspect the carpets on completion of the work and check that you are thrilled with the results – Your carpets will be left beautifully clean, soft and fresh! If you have asked for Scotchgard protection to be applied to your carpets, we will apply it at this stage. Although an optional extra, it does prolong the life of carpets and furnishings and minimises the likelihood of any future permanent stains.


We are happy to travel to the following areas:

Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff, Gwent, Newport, Montmouth, Chepstow, Abergavenny, South Wales

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